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Palm Computing and Windows CE users: now you can catch up with the latest from SpeedCenter while you're on the move.

Using AvantGo's free software you can download SpeedCenter's news and information along with race results and scanner frequencies when you synchronize your handheld computer.

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1. Click on the first icon to the left to download the software. (If you already have AvantGo software installed, go to step 2.) The process should take only a few minutes. AvantGo provides software for your handheld computer, and a small Windows utility to manage the channels you subscribe to, which is installed on your computer during the sign-up process.

2. Click on the second icon to the left to subscribe to the SpeedCenter Mobile channel to get content designed for your palmtop.

Using the SpeedCenter Mobile channel
To make the most of the SpeedCenter Mobile channel, we recommend that you synchronize your device a couple times a week, especially during race weeks.

If you are not sure whether you can access the SpeedCenter Mobile channel, click here for the system-requirements page.

Require any further assistance? You can view the AvantGo help section here.

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