Perfect First Run of 2003 Cosworth CART Engine
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A number of teams will adopt the engine next season

Cosworth Racing has secured its future involvement in American Racing with the announcement of a new engine programme for 2003 and beyond. The Cosworth XG - a derivative of the 2000 CART Manufacturer's Championship winning Cosworth XF - will make its debut in CART at the beginning of the 2003 season and development work on the new powerplant is currently running ahead of schedule. The XG programme will sit alongside Cosworth's other major activities, which include; F1, WRC, Motorbike racing and the Commercial Engineering Group.

American Racing Programme Director, Bruce Wood, was delighted with results when the 3.5litre normally aspirated Cosworth XF hybrid engine ran for the first time on the on the 17 May. "I have been fortunate enough to see many new engines fire up for the first time at Cosworth and I can honestly say this was the biggest non-event I have ever witnessed! Just like it should be. It fired up at the first touch of the button and immediately settled into a comfortable idle. "

The first run was extraordinary in that the engine delivered a full power test within hours of very first firing, such was the confidence of Wood's engineering team. "Suffice to say the engine exceeded all our expectations in terms of initial performance" says Wood.

The success of the hybrid engine has enabled the team at Cosworth to move forward the projected run date for the XG to 4th October. "This gives us four months to do the bulk our performance development on the hybrid and will allow us to launch straight into durability testing when the real engine arrives." Says Wood.

Commercial Director, Bernard Ferguson is confident that a number of teams will adopt the engine next season. "We have been actively working on signing teams prior to the Monterrey race and are pleased to confirm that we have interest from a number of the more competitive outfits. The sign-off of this programme further emphasises Ford's continuing commitment to its worldwide racing programmes."

With experience spanning four decades, Cosworth Racing is a world leader in design, development and manufacture of ultra high performance gasoline engines for racing, rally and road car applications.

Cosworth Racing provides powerplant technology and design solutions for premier teams in Formula 1, World Rally, CART (USA) and Motorbike racing, as well as racing engine technology transfer to the Premier Automotive Group of Ford Motor Company.

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